Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did You Know It's An Election Year?

Well, the Transatlantic Monthly is back online after a brief 7-month hiatus.  You know how it is, with moving and all...?

In case you didn't know, it is an election year.  Sure, there has been the same-as-usual aligning of Demmies and Republies to their respective champion.  But also a surprising number of "flex" votes, as moderates and undecided fence sitters wait until the last debate to hear those elusive magic words from the candidate they will eventually support.

Fortunately, Katie and I have no shades of gray.  This election has polarized us politically and maritally - I'll claim the positive charge because I'm writing this, Katie can have the negative charge.  I offer up these real life, untouched-up photographs as proof.  Katie Douglass is a gun-toting, dark-framed-glasses sporting, dyed-in-the-wool-sweater wearing Sarah Palin disciple.  And I, John Douglass, like to spend my free time at farmer's markets hanging out with my multiethnic politico celeb friends Igor and Barack.

My friends, yes we can.


Derick Cordoba said...

The pictures say it all. I hope Obama wins, not sure I want to stay in Germany four more years.

Mrs. D said...

Yeah, you're back! Hopefully we'll manage to (finally!) send you a long and nice email this afternoon...

judahmo said...

The truth comes out!

Jordan said...

I thought Igor was the card board cut-out.

Anonymous said...

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