Thursday, August 30, 2007

It Has Begun

Today we have officially been in Germany for two weeks. So much has already happened that it feels like two months. We are currently living on the eastern (and some say the nicer) side of the Rhine in Niederdollendorf. The seven mountains that rise above us are the Siebengebirge, home to the oldest nature preserve in Germany.
Tomorrow we move to our apartment in Plittersdorf or Bad Godesburg - I'm not really sure exactly but they are both suburbs of Bonn. Highlights so far include our trip to Köln to see the Dom cathedral, dinner at the Sion Brauhaus, steak Tatar and blütwurst, cycling the Rhine bike path, hanging out with the truly amazing students that attend the APC Bonn, African Sunday at the church, and experiencing the hospitality of Germans and global nomads.
The weather is brisk and sunny. An early Fall perhaps? Either way, it is beautiful. Let us pray for clear skies for the sake of the helpful people moving us unto into our place Freitag and Samstag!